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June 5th, 2011

Donut Burger

No, I didn’t eat a donut burger, but I came across this article that talks about the strangest fast food.  It starts out with lightweights like “Frozen Hot Chocolate” and “Pulled Pork and Egg Sandwich”.  Other than the technical difficulties of frozen hot chocolate may present, I don’t think they’re so strange.   Let’s meet contestant #10, the Fried Butter Ball.  According the article, they’ll take a scoop of  frozen butter, dip it in fennel cake dough, then deep fry it.  Were they the only ones who could have thought of this?  After a quick Google search to find out, it turned out, not surprisingly, that Paula Deen has her own Fried Butter Ball.  Her recipe adds cream cheese to the butter.  My stomach says yes, but my heart literally says no. I’ve had deep fried ice cream, which I think is a little bit of a different story because ice cream still retains its cold creamy texture so the contrast of hot and cold, works (for me).
#12 is ever so intriguing a Donut Burger.  2 donuts instead of buns, a patty, cheese, bacon, lettuce, onion, and tomato (you need some vegetables, right?).  In the video, the cook casually mentions this is “around 2,000 calories, you know.”

Walking down 9th Avenue in Manhattan, I saw a sign I couldn’t resist even on a cold December afternoon.  It said, “Come in for donut ice cream sandwich!” “Let’s go inside just to see what it’s like.”  Famous last words.  We talked to the guys for a few minutes, tried enough flavors–obligating us to make a purchase, and ended up with this delicacy.  The guy who was eating the donut burger in the video was saying that the sweetness of the donut is not very noticeable.  As much as I hate to admit it, he was right.  When you devour a donut with ice cream, the donut loses its star status and becomes the supporting character to the creamy protagonist.  Turns out, they got along well.  The donut doesn’t outshine but provides a delicious ‘insulation’ that absorbs the cold shock your palate faces when eating ice cream. Surprisingly not too sweet; it was pretty good. Is it surprising that after finishing the whole donut ice cream sandwich  (I ate most of it), we walked about 70 blocks that day in 25 degree weather–trying to find the next place to eat!

Some other interesting entries that made the list of strange fast foods were McDonald’s “McLobster” and Burger King’s Mimosa. The McLobster doesn’t interest me, since I can’t quite picture McDonald’s employees out on the briny, checking the lobster traps each morning, but a Mimosa at Burger King; sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?  Well, it did, until I read that their magical Mimosa recipe is OJ + Sprite. Even though I used to make my own, signature brand of orange soda with its own secret ingredients (cola and OJ), the charm of the Burger King Mimosa, while probably not horrible, is not what I was hoping for; still, it beats Sunny Delight, right?