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June 9th, 2011

Tapatio Sauce

What started out as an attempt to find a cool, new breakfast spot quickly turned into an awkward meal, as we found ourselves to be the only customers in the small Korean cafe near our house.  The Korean couple who owned the place made us feel strange with their constant staring. The arrival of our food didn’t make things much better; bread and eggs served in Asian style portions (very small), with very Asian breakfast side dishes– salad and soup. Not quite the bacon and hash browns my husband was hoping for. The restaurant itself looked like a very outdated B&B, resembling a plastic garden, as everything had a flower on it or in it, from the cups and saucers to the vase on the table. We weren’t enjoying our food or the fact that we were being stared at while eating it.  We soon noticed something more out-of-place than ourselves: a Tapatio Sauce bottle.  Tapatio is a popular hot sauce sold in California. (Amish Market in Hells Kitchen carries in NYC.) We thought it was funny to see a Tapatio Sauce in a Korean cafe, so my husband started to lighten the mood by doing the voice of Tapatio sombrero wearing character on the bottle. “Excuse me.  I think I am lost. Can you please take me to a Mexican or perhaps Brazilian  restaurant?” We laughed so hard, then came up with a story of how Tapatio ended up in such foreign places. From there, a script was born, finally metamorphosizing into our series of videos, “The Adventures of Tapatio.”  Sometimes great art emerges from uncomfortable breakfasts.  Enjoy!