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June 14th, 2011

Mexican Coke

On the subject of Mexican food, I need to mention of the best items from south of the border: Mexican Coke.  We discovered Mexican Coke about a year ago and have been savoring it like a fine wine ever since.  What’s so special about it?  Imagine a frosty, glass bottle full of Coca Cola, made even more delicious with the inclusion of REAL cane sugar!  As we all aware, regular Coke (along with most sodas) uses high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener.  Political and health reasons aside, (please watch the documentary King Corn), the cane sugar coke gives that indescribable and much needed punch when you drink it that corn syrup just can’t match.
It’s interesting to note that the same brand of drink tastes completely different from country to country.  When I was still new to America, I thought drinking diet Coke was the thing to do, because everybody at school in Boston was drinking it during class.  Besides wanting to try diet Coke, I was pretty much just fascinated by the idea that you could drink during class–something Japanese schools would never allow.  To me, it just looked like true Americana–especially drinking it out of a huge, Texas-sized can (20+ year ago, we only had a skinny 250ml can in Japan).  So I started drinking it, but sadly, when I returned home to Tokyo for the summer, I couldn’t find it anywhere.  They had Coke Zero, which tasted more like regular coke, but I was hooked on that chemically infused diet Coke taste and could not go back.
20+ years later, Coke has done it to me again. Last year, I found myself driving all over Los Angeles to find Mexican Coke like a teenager trying to score some weed, lame, I know. First, I found it at a Japanese grocery store, Nijiya in West L.A., for $1.99. Strange to see Mexican Coke sitting next to healthy Japanese tea bottle. I was feeling pretty superior as I loaded up my cart and savored it, drop by drop, wondering if this bottle would be the last.   Now, the romance is over… it’s everywhere… BevMo and Costco carry it by the case, and you can order it at Umami Burger in L.A.  I even found it at Gourmet Garage in SoHo & at a small bodega on Lexington and 100th Street in NYC, too.  It’s great that so many people appreciate the flavor so now it’s easily attainable (There’s a cool website called, also you can get it online from Amazon, too), but the sense of finding that hidden gem, of knowing that arcane secret, is gone. I guess it’s time to find a new drink, but you’ll understand if I don’t tell you about it until Wallmart starts to carry it.