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June 20th, 2011

Gr-r-reat soft serve

Do you like frosted flakes?  Do you like to drink that sugar infused milk at the end?  I do.  Imagine that super sweet milk as soft serve.  That was exactly the taste of Cereal Milk Soft serve at Momofuku Milk BarWhen I was a kid, my grandmother took me shopping every Sunday.  Our first stop was at the Sanrio store to buy  the latest Hello Kitty things.  Our next stop was the Dairy Queen for a frozen treat.  My favorite: vanilla with butterscotch sauce.  I loved watching the server dip my soft serve in a pot of butterscotch, then immediately seeing it freeze.  Sometimes we went to Baskin Robbins (we call it “thirty one” in Japan), but I always preferred to go Dairy Queen to get the soft serve and watch the dip show.  Last month, for the first time in 30 years, I went to get a Dairy Queen soft serve in a Los Angeles mall.  It wasn’t as great as I remember.  There was no butterscotch sauce but more importantly, no grandmother.

Although it wasn’t dipped in anything, Cereal Milk soft serve from Milk Bar was amazing.  Yes, AMAZING.  The flavor of the leftover milk from eating sugary cereal was uncanny.  There’s nothing like this.  I love when an unexpected flavor succeeds.  When I had my first lick, I thought “It really was the taste of the cereal’s milk!  Yeah, I remember I love that cereal milk!!”, then after the second bite “how do you get this flavor?  This tastes exactly like Frosted Flakes!!”  Often, when stores try imitating other forms of flavor, for example, cheesecake flavored ice cream, it usually tastes more cheesecake-ish, than cheesecake.  So when I tasted cereal milk flavor, it was a fantastic surprise to find out they actually created the flavor.  What a treat!

By the way, we call soft serve “sofuto kureemu” (soft cream) in Japan, and sadly, while Hello Kitty continues to flourish there’s no more Dairy Queen in Japan…