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June 1st, 2011

Airport food

When airlines stopped serving a tiny bag of peanuts and charging lots of money on chips and bad sandwiches, American airports started to offer a little more than Cinnabon and Panda Express.  Although the cinnamony sweet Cinnabon aroma is very tempting, you know you don’t want to hit the gym as soon as you land, so you opt to have that salad.  But lately, you can get more than salad or gourmet sandwiches.

Until I started to frequent LAX (Los Angeles International Airpor), I never really paid attention on what they have at the airport for food.  Why?  LAX is the worst, when it comes to… well, everything, but for the sake of argument, let’s say food is especially bad.  When I was a student in Boston, I stopped by at Legal Seafood (seafood chain) at Logan Airport and bought live lobsters as a souvenir to family in Tokyo.

At JFK in New York these days, you can get gourmet paella to freshest sushi in really nice ambiance, and in Chicago O’Hare, I had my first Chicago style hot dog.  There are first class sushi, katsu (fried pork), pancakes to french pastry at Narita Airport in Japan.  Domestic airports such as Haneda & Itami, even a train stations have more variety than any of American airports put together.

So, I started noticing lack of variety and quality when I see nothing but usual suspects of McDonald, Burger King and 3 Starbucks in the terminal at LAX.  I heard the news that they are working on bringing big names of Los Angeles retaurant scenes in next year or two.  I’m looking forward to that opening.  Meanwhile, I was mildly glad to see Gladstone’s seafood and LaBrea Bakery at LAX today.  They are not the best food, but it sure beats sandwich on a cold morning.  I’m just ignoring the fact this meal is as fattening as one Cinnabon bun which I still haven’t had pleasure of having.