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September 1st, 2011

“This isn’t really a rice crispy treat”

Yup, that’s what he said after one bite of my homemade rice crispy treat.  It’s not that he didn’t like them…he practically finished the entire batch single-handedly, but insisted on mentioning that they just weren’t the same as what he remembered growing up with.  On further investigation (read: second bite) he narrowed it down to a difference in texture. 

How am I supposed to know the exact specifications of a traditional rice crispy treat, when I had neither tasted one, nor tried the cereal they’re named after?  Besides it’s rarity, there’s one other factor preventing me from enjoying this traditional treat: butter.  Do I really want to put that much butter, or even worse, margarine, into my body? I’d rather save my butter allowance for a delicious French baguette.  Since life, and marriage, is a big give and take, I decided to try my hand at making a relatively guilt free, healthy alternative using organic puffed rice, chopped almonds, semi sweet chocolate chips, peanut butter chips and honey.  I thought it was nutty, chocolatety and pretty darn good.  After all that thought and preparation, what did I get in return?  “This isn’t really a rice crispy treat.”

I was pissed discontented with my husband’s reaction, but once the steam stopped pouring from my ears, I became curious as to what a ‘real’ rice crispy treat was like, so I went to a local coffee place and bought one.  Well, he was right on one count…obviously, they don’t look alike.

The real Rice Krispies Treat recipe was developed in the 1930’s and published on the box of Rice Krispies in 1941.  Since then, it seems like this treat has been a favorite, continually, to kids of all ages.  Too much work to make one at home?  You’re in luck; this snack is not only a homemade classic, but pre-made in factories and sold like snack bars as well.  Also new to me is that there’s a cereal made from these sticky wonders.  In tune with the 21st century, are you surprised when I tell you that there’s even a facebook fan page for rice crispy treats?  It gets worse (better): Want to celebrate your life with it, how about a rice crispy treat wedding? Maybe this treat is more American than I thought it was.  Since its recipe doesn’t require baking or precise measuring, I can see the appeal of making these treats as a part of family activity.  Maybe the appeal of the rice crispy treat is partly flavor and partly bonding?

So, now that I’ve had a ‘real’ one, what did I think?  First, the texture was little mushier and softer than mine, with a sweeter taste.  But for the true test, I asked my husband for his opinion.  Actions spoke louder than words: judging from empty container in the fridge, it looks like my ‘fake’ crispy treat is the taste test winner.  Another entry into the family recipe!